Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Bicycle Tales

A bit of bicycle-related Bad Craziness over the Christmas holidays.

Teen's holiday ends with bicycle burglary

A 17-year-old Redding, CA, youth didn't get his desired bicycle for Christmas. So early Saturday morning, he broke into the Chain Gang Bike Shop and stole one. It must've been a nice one - $3800. Along with $1800 worth of parts and accessories. A cop responding to the alarm saw the punk riding away.

Bummer - that throws him off Santa's "good list" for 2010, I'm expectin'.

Story HERE.

Report: Man gets stitches after bicycle beating by ex-wife's boyfriend

Guy wishes his ex-wife a Merry Christmas and heads off down the street, on foot (in Fort Myers, FL).

Ex-wife's new boyfriend - a transient - follows and bashes him sadistically, using bike for bludgeon.

Old husband went to the emergency room for stitches; cops are still looking for new boyfriend.

No word on whether the bicycle was damaged.

Story HERE.

Man catches on fire during a bike ride in Wilmington

According to the Wilmington (NC) Police Department, a 40-year-old guy caught fire while riding his bike.

All they've been able to ascertain so far is that apparently he lit a cigarette and flared up. He's burned from the chin down. Hopefully he'll recover and more information can be gathered.

Story HERE.

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