Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Wonderland riding

The weather seems to be breaking a bit in these parts.

Yesterday it actually got up near freezing! And we got more snow. I hooked a big inflatable vinyl "inner tube" to the back of my old clunker bike, and towed my granddaughter Mackie around the park for 15 minutes or so. It was a blast! She complained that her neck was cold, but she enjoyed scooping up mitts-full of snow as we zipped along.

I share a couple more photos from earlier in the week, snapped in the early AM on the ride into work. These were taken on the Ann Morrison footbridge.




db said...

Wow, Monday morning commute was a rough one.

Choppy snow/ice mix on the greenbelt the streets were a mess too, plus the usual idiots in cars. And a fog that turned into snow on my clothing and goggles.

I was exhausted and a bit damp when I finally reached the office.

Clancy said...

Plus the snow on the secondary roads was like sugar or sand. Tough riding.

bob t said...

Yesterday's ride to church was pretty dicey (even with studded tires) so when someone offered me and my bike a ride home in his pickup truck I readily accepted. Unfortunately I left my helmet behind so I ended up walking to work today!

db said...

Ugh, Tuesday wasn't any better, was it? I fell once, though at low speed and with no damage. Hopefully the rain will melt the rest of the ice and crud in the bike lanes...