Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday ride with my granddaughter

It's time for a couple brag photos from Grandpa.

Here's my beautiful granddaughter, Mackenzie, just as we're ready to head out on our adventure. (I've improvised a baby trailer with my faithful "Bob" and an old car seat. It was NOT easy to find an infant-size bicycle helmet.)

Here she is at a nearby playground... just one of several stops we made on our 8-miles-or-so ride. She's looking enviously over at the kids on the merry-go-round, who seem to be having so much fun.


Clancy said...

Good you got here out for a ride. You should be careful with that setup and rocks flipping up into her face.

Bikeboy said...

Good notion, Clancy.

Flipping rocks is highly unlikely because of the full-coverage bike fenders combined with the skinny, tread-free tires. But it could conceivably happen, I s'pose.

It would be easy enough to install some sort of barrier at the front end of the cargo section of the trailer to make rock damage even less likely.