Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jet Bike!

Although it's somewhat contrary to everything GOOD about bicycle transportation, this is kinda cool.

This is Bob Maddox, or Medford, OR, on his pulse-jet-powered Schwinn cruiser.

It's the second one he's built - he got the first one up to 50mph. (He figures it's good for 75mph, with the right guy at the controls. Think "Darwin Award" contestant. Paging Evel... paging Evel...)

Evidently "pulse jet" technology is pretty simple... a fire in a tube. Hitler's rocket boys used 'em for V-1 Buzz Bombs back in Dubya Dubya 2. And Maddox says it'll burn pretty much anything from kerosene to corn squeezins'.

It's got a few drawbacks, though:
- 150 dB sound pressure (Think F-15 at full afterburner takeoff)
- it burns 1/2 gallon of fuel per minute
- it glows red-hot during operation, so it's probably not Forest Service approved, huh?
Other than that...

(Wired article - and YouTube video - HERE.)

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