Saturday, May 31, 2008


After a long period of good intentions, I finally printed up a "propaganda" T-shirt. The shirt is size XXL so I can wear it over whatever I happen to have on at commute-time. Perhaps when I ride past long queues of stuck-in-traffic motorists (burning that $4 gas at a ZERO MPG rate) it'll give 'em something to think about.

The shirt is already woefully outdated; it's 10 days or so old, and my mileage is now up by 150+ MPG!!


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Anonymous said...

Of course I want one... I'm curious, did you start by estimating the approximate amount of fuel used to manufacture, deliver, and maintain your bike parts, then divide by your estimated total accumulated biking mileage; or did you just use a phantom prop 1 gallon as the denominator? Bike locally, think systemically. [BTW, no longer your neighbor. The silver Subaru, white Giant, and black kayak have moved downtown, where my pedal-powered route to work is almost too short to properly enjoy.]

Damn Blogger security protocol won't accept any of my logins, which is why my post is anonymous. Their security is tighter than the airport...

Bikeboy said...

I believe I'm figuring my MPG the same way they do with motor vehicles - keep track of miles, and divide that by the number of gallons used since the last calculation.

(If a person wanted to get complicated and factor in energy used to manufacture and deliver vehicles and vehicle-parts, a bicycle would only look better by comparison!)