Friday, May 2, 2008

Plan NOW to participate in Boise Bike Week!

Boise Bike Week this year runs from May 12 (Monday) thru May 17 (Saturday). If you're like me, now is the time to put it on the calendar, because May is a crazy time, what with weddings, yard work, sunshine-oriented activities, etc.

The Statesman website has detailed schedule info. It includes a "Night Light" parade, numerous educational rides and clinics, Scavenger hunt, etc.

Last year I rode in the "Pedal Power Parade" on Saturday afternoon, and had a fine time. (Notes and photos from last year can be seen HERE.) I hope to get more involved this year.

If you're in the Boise area and have a "casual cyclist" friend or family member... this would be a PERFECT opportunity to get 'em involved. Maybe there would be a little enthusiasm rub-off in the crowd.

Frankly, I wish they would schedule one "Critical Mass" type event. I'm not talking about something that's deliberately "civilly disobedient," or even intentionally disruptive. But something that would provide MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to the maximum number of our fellow citizens. And in my mind, that would almost need to coincide with "rush hour." It's cool that they can get 300 cyclists riding through downtown Boise on a Saturday afternoon, when it's essentially deserted anyway. How about 300 cyclists riding south on 9th Street / Capitol Boulevard, or up one lane of "The Connector" at 5pm on Thursday? If "Boise Bike Week" only involves already-committed bike riders, that's "preachin' to the choir"! I'd like to see a little meaningful "outreach" effort, too.

The event I envision would have a whole different focus from the Pedal Power Parade, in which cyclists of all ages and comfort-levels participate. The "Critical" ride would be best left to experienced riders who feel comfortable in traffic.

Another idea... how's about an organized mass ride on the disputed stretch of Garden City's GREENBELT? You know the one... the one that Governor Butch says we can ride on, and Mayor Evans says we can't ride on. I'd be up for some of that action!

(May is also "National Bike Month," and more locally, "May in Motion" - supposedly to encourage alternative transportation. Info. can be found at the Statesman link above. Photo was lifted from the official Boise Bike Week Website.)

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