Monday, May 12, 2008


Don't forget Boise Bike Week! Today is Day 1.

A schedule of all events can be found HERE.

I was planning on riding in tonight's Night Light Parade, but I'm just too flippin' busy. Garden-planting (planned for last weekend) got postponed, so it's on the docket for tonight. My tomato plants want BADLY to be in the ground.

I'll definitely be riding in the big Pedal Power Parade - Saturday at 4pm.

It would be nice if there were some sort of "critical mass" type event... not necessarily to disrupt the flow, but to promote maximum exposure.

One other bit of commentary... it seems rather odd to me that Saturday's Grand Finale is sponsored by Avimor - a planned community that is too far away from Boise for any but the most dedicated bicycle riders to commute from. A community that is unlikely to be served by public transportation at any time in the near future. A community that will put a bunch more long-distance commuter single-occupant vehicles on the road. But maybe I'm being too analytical.


Anonymous said...

I'm planning to do the parade tonight and the Pedal Power Parade on Saturday. Both could look very much like critical mass-type events, given a large enough group of cyclists making the trips.

I share your cynicism about Saturday sponsorship, though I suspect TVCA can't afford to turn away anyone willing to donate. It would, however, be nice if the sponsor was a bit more "in tune" with the theme of the event.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget to register and log your cycle trips NEXT WEEK* for TVCA's drawing for swag (like a BOB trailer):

(* I'm not sure why the contest is for next week, if this is Boise Bike Week, but there you go.)

db said...

You're not being too analytical. I was struck by Avimor's sponsorship too. How many homeowners out there will ride into town?

I'm pretty disgusted with that development in general.