Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2-wheel ghetto blastin'

If you'd like to ride a bike, but just can't bear the thought of giving up your 10,000 watts and and 18-inch subs ... your Fitty Cent or Solja Boy (or whatever... sorry, I'm not very 'hep' to that type music) ... this might be just the ticket.

You're neighbors can still know you're headed their way, five minutes before you get there! (I imagine it must have a bank of batteries, and you can plug it in and recharge it.)

Seriously... can you imagine punks rolling down the Greenbelt on a nice summer day with these things in tow? Surely Picnic Rage would ensue.

(Photo lifted from the Bike Trailer Blog. There's also a sweet-lookin' Keg Trailer that might be of interest... a rolling Pony Keg.)


Anonymous said...

It was last summer (I think) when I was riding past Veteran's Park Lake (or whatever it's called) and passed a fellow towing a flat-bed trailer (think plywood on a simple frame), to which he had bungied a large portable "boom box" and was blasting Bob Marley or somesuch. Brilliant setup, thought I.

Bikeboy said...

Danielo... I'd like to see a half-dozen or so such characters, WALKING their bikes slowly through the Riverside Village subdivision, where bike riding is banned. Perhaps every hour on the hour, with the righteous tunes blaring cheerfully out. (Bob Marley would be perfect... he's all about not being a "down-presser.")