Monday, April 30, 2007

April Bicycling Report

I accumulated 520 miles, on 30 riding days, in April. I'd guess 40% of my riding was work-commuting, 10% was running errands, 50% was "recreational."

How much did it cost to go those 520 miles? Gas - $0. Parking - $0. Insurance - $0. Registration - $0. I spend about $60/year on tires - so let's figure $5 in tire cost. Maybe $4 for a new tube and a couple patches. So... $9?

If I'd been driving a Prius instead of riding my bike, gas (just gas) would have cost about $28.00 (figuring $2.80/gal). Honda Civic - $48.50. GMC Yukon, or Ford F150 pickup - $104. (Ouch!)

I also rode 424 miles on my motorsickle. (About 380 of that was this past Saturday, on a little tour of eastern Oregon mountain roads.) I figure it cost about $35 in gas for my pleasurable m/c pastime.

(It's now been over 18 months since I used any mode of transportation, other than bike, to get to and from work. I've ridden my bicycle on 228 consecutive days - every day since September 14.)


Smudgemo said...

You were right in your previous post. The high/low gas price tracker for Oakland just showed a high of $4.03/gal. I'm sure the complaints I hear at work will soon follow.

db said...

Impressive numbers as always, sir. Keep up the good work.

Since May is Bike Commute Month, I thought I'd share this nice column from the Sacramento Bee (you might have to register):

Bikeboy said...

Re: the SacBee colum...

Wow! The dude bike-commutes 50 miles/day! That would be akin to riding into downtown Boise every day from Caldwell... or the other side of Kuna... or Horseshoe Bend! Not many people could (or would) do that - I couldn't, that's for sure!

Criminy! RIDING to Caldwell would take almost as much time as DRIVING to Caldwell during rush hour!