Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Boise Bike Week

May 14-19, 2007

What is Boise Bike Week? According to the website (click HERE), it is "a week promoting cycling in every form."

All Boise-area cyclists should mark it on the calendar NOW! And tell your 2-wheeling friends!

There is an ambitious (and fun) schedule of events listed at the website. I'm going to try to cajole my family into joining me for the 5/19 "Pedal Power Parade," if nothing else.

(I stole this photo off the website. Some of you big-city-dwellers may appreciate it... it's the closest thing we have to a "Critical Mass" ride in these parts.)
Can an event like Boise Bike Week have any long-term impact?

I'm optimistically (but cautiously) declaring, "yes."

- Hopefully it will be high-profile enough to raise awareness, and maybe provoke some thought, among the non-cycling public. Maybe somebody out there will say, "Hey... I could ride a bike." No matter the motivation for riding - whether it be to save money on transportation, or exercise, or recreation - there is NOT a down-side that I can think of. (Unlike motor vehicles, where you have to weigh the good against the bad.)

- Maybe a "toy" bike rider - somebody who uses the bike exclusively for playing - will consider trying it for transportation, as well.

- Maybe the policymakers and the general public will see a large number of cyclists in one place, and realize that cycling appeals to the masses. (Cyclists are typically seen alone, or in groups of 2 or 3. And they're far outnumbered by people in cars. So the people in cars tend to get all the attention.)

(There's a "Ride To Work Day" for motorcyclists, as well. Supposedly for the same general reasons as a "bike week" - to encourage participation and raise awareness. I commented on it HERE. I believe "Boise Bike Week" is a totally-volunteer effort, unlike "Ride To Work Day." How do I get the "Ride To Work Day" CEO job?)

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