Friday, May 4, 2007

Guys like this scare me!

(Former) baseball pitcher Josh Hancock died in a traffic accident early Sunday morning. He plowed into the back of a stopped tow truck in his SUV, and died instantly of massive head and chest trauma.
- He was legally drunk (blood-alcohol .157, twice the legal limit)
- He was going 68 in a 55 zone (at 12:30am)
- He was yappin' on his cell phone
- He had reefer and a pipe in the vehicle (drug test results not back yet)
- He wasn't wearing a seat belt

Thank goodness it was himself he kilt, and not somebody else! What do other roadway users have to do, to protect themselves from an irresponsible bonehead like this? (My biggest fear is getting plowed into by an impaired idiot.)

An AP article about the fatal accident can be read by clicking HERE.

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Ron Castia said...

Yo Bike Nazi,
Thanks for the info about signals and stop signs. If you have any links to those codes I would love to bring them to court with me.