Friday, April 13, 2007

The Morning Breaks

My daughter has become quite the dedicated bike commuter. She's lucky because she's only about a mile from home to office... so she could even walk if worst came to the worst. (A lot of people drive a shorter distance than that every day, however.)

She's got a sweet ride - classic "cruiser" styling, but the frame is lightweight aluminum, the tires are pretty high-pressure (70 pounds, I believe), and it's got the 7-speed click-shift derailleur. (You don't have to look dorky on your bike... that's my personal choice.)

Here we are this morning, departing to go our separate ways.

The down-side... I've had to charge her car battery once, and I think it's run down again. And - she hasn't put gas in her car for about 2 months. (But I guess the gas part isn't the down-side, huh?)

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