Friday, April 20, 2007

"Bicycle" Built for Seven

I happened across this contraption the other day, out there on the Information Superhighway.

It's the Conference Bike.

The "driver" sits in the back; he and 6 "stokers" are in a circle facing each other. Each can choose whether to assist with locomotion.

Will we be seeing these in bike lanes, and on the Greenbelt, soon?

It's billed as a "party on wheels." A "corporate team-builder." (GAG! They need a little donut-and-coffee table in the middle there...)

1 comment:

db said...

If it's a real conference bike, it will only go around in circles -- you spend a bunch of time and energy to get nowhere.

Joking aside, I did click the link. I like the fact that it's a way for the blind to bike in Dublin. Nice application for what most would see as a frivolous concept.

And I love the movie!