Sunday, April 8, 2007

Clean Air Zone?

More of these signs are popping up all the time, around Boise. This one is about 48 hours old; they installed it in a public parking lot across the street from my house.

When another sign up the road says Regular Unleaded is $2.799, is this sign really needed? (Why would a motorist not turn off his engine? Gotta keep that A/C blowing?)

And, how far does the clean air extend? Will these "clean air zones" eventually be placed close enough together that I can take a deep breath and dash for the nearest one, to grab another breath of clean air?


Anonymous said...

The Truth About Signs, by danielo: "Signs pointing out obvious existing conditions work, but are ineffectual. Signs directing people to action never work, and are thus pointless."

"Turn off your engine" signs are another masturbatory act by authorities that either don't understand the cause/effect chain of car driving, or (more likely) don't care.

Anonymous said...

Well said.