Monday, August 8, 2011

Power to the bike-riding people! Sat., 8/13

On Saturday, 8/13 at 10am, there is going to be a bike-rider rally to protest the Garden City Greenbelt bicycle ban.

If you live around Boise and ride a bike, you should be interested. And I hope you'll join us - strength in numbers!

Meet at 10am (be 5 minutes early) at the northwest corner of Glenwood and Riverside Drive (near the Moxie Java).

I've commented before on the bike ban. In a nutshell, there's a stretch of publically-owned Greenbelt between an exclusive housing development (developed by the guy who is now mayor, and who lives in the development... but I'm sure that's just coincidence) and the Boise River, that has been decreed off-limits to cyclists. The Citizens for an Open Greenbelt group is suing to have it reopened, but in the meantime, this protest is a "raising awareness" type event.

If several hundred cyclists showed up and walked their bikes along the path, it would be a beautiful thing. Please spread the word between now and Saturday... and join in! I hope to ride to the event with my granddaughter, participate, then ride home, enjoying the relative coolness of a summer morning ride/stroll.

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