Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Clean Energy" comes to Boise

Earlier this week, the first commercial CNG (compressed natural gas) station opened here in Boise.


17 years or so ago, the public transit provider at the time, Boise Urban Stages, switched their buses over to run on CNG, and accordingly built a private CNG filling facility. And a couple years back, apparently the trash service converted their vehicles over, mostly to avoid new diesel regulations. (How ironic! Trash trucks that smell better than those big ol' diesel pickup trucks! haha!) They have now opened it for private citizens to fill 'er up.

The sign says "clean energy." And it's certainly much cleaner than diesel, and apparently more so than gasoline. The main advantage, at least for now, is that it's about 2 bucks cheaper than gas.

Of course, everything is relative. From my seat, this new energy doesn't look particularly clean - OR cheap.

If CNG gained widespread popularity, it would doubtlessly cause the price to rise... along with the cost of natural gas for everything else... like heating houses.

I s'pose if I were shopping for a motor vehicle for local transportation, I'd take a serious look at CNG. At least it's an American product, unlike a large percentage of that terrorist fossil fuel that people burn. (I guess Honda is the only manufacturer who builds such a vehicle at a factory, although other vehicles can be retrofitted. The main issue is the high-pressure tank needed to hold the fuel. Oh - and the very limited availability of filling stations.)


Wade said...

Where is it?

Bikeboy said...

It's on Emerald Street (or "Executive Drive,"), a block or two west of Five Mile. (It's in front of the depot where all the garbage trucks are parked overnight.)