Monday, August 15, 2011

"No idling" campaign

An "idling reduction campaign" kicks off this week in Boise. No - it's not about getting city workers to quit loafin' on the job. It's about getting motorists to not sit there with their engines running, when they're not moving.

The memo can be read HERE (PDF document).

Facts - according to the "Be Idle Free Boise" website:
- Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel that restarting the engine.
- Each gallon of fuel burned emits about 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide.
- Frequent restarting has little impact on car engine components such as the starter and battery.
- Inhaling exhaust fumes is linked to increased risk of heart and lung disease, asthma, and allergies, especially in young children.
- Idling gets you nowhere!

A couple of personal observations...

The worst offenders, as far as idling vehicles go, would be government-owned vehicles. I regularly see buses at bus stops idling away. And the only place you'll EVER see a cop car with the motor shut off is in the overnight parking lot. Don't they create CO2 emissions?

It's a little distressing that when gas is $3.50+ per gallon, the City still needs to conduct a campaign to get people to switch off the motor when they're just sitting there. But sitting in traffic, engine running, is the norm. (On those rare occasions when I take to a motor vehicle, that drives me nuts! I can barely tolerate sitting at a traffic signal, and if it's gonna be a wait, I always shut off the motor. If other people are in the car, they look over at me like maybe I don't know what I'm doing.)

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