Saturday, August 27, 2011

92 playgrounds in 84 days

We did it! Princess Mackenzie and I have visited every public playground in Boise by bicycle, since June! We mopped up today with a 20-mile loop in southeast Boise, visiting 6 playgrounds.

Playground - 35 Sunset-Park

- 44 playgrounds are at parks.
- 25 or so are at elementary schools.
- The rest are playgrounds at churches, neighborhoods, apartment buildings, etc. If they didn't have a fence around 'em or a stern "no trespassing" sign, we gave 'em a whirl.

Most were visited using the bicycle/Tag-a-long setup. Recently, however, Mackie has ridden her 16" bike (her dad's bike 20 years ago). We cheated on one hot July afternoon, driving to a point in west Boise and then riding a 10-mile loop and visiting 10 playgrounds out in that corner of town. But the rest were visited on rides from our front door, and returning to the front door. If I had to guess, I'd guess that we rode 300-400 miles on our quest.

Will a 4-year-old remember the Summer of the Playgrounds? Time will tell. I've documented most with photos. I also got a little antique-looking statue of a pretty little girl on a trike to gift her, to commemmorate. I know I'll always treasure the memory of the happy hours I spent with my princess.

More, should you be interested:
- Photos (not all the playgrounds, just my favorite photos) - here
- List of all playgrounds, with dates visited and Google Earth "overlay" of all playgrounds - here


Clancy said...

What a great way to show Mackie what your love of biking.....not that she needs much more help.

db said...

That's a great way to spend the summer. Nice job!

Bikeboy said...

Two of my favorite pastimes are bicycling and spending time with my little dumplin' - so for me it was time VERY well spent!

(I moved her bicycle seat up another half-inch yesterday. I swear she's growing so fast I can almost see it!)