Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Transportation cycling: "Conservative" or "Liberal"?

I recently commented that some folks see everything through their political glasses. They see the people who lean "the other way," politically, as the source of all the world's ills.

IMO, that level of polarization oversimplifies a lot of complex problems. And, it results in a lot of contentious stalemates, when the zealots refuse to budge. (As for the Republocrats and Demicans - I say throw 'em all out!)

BUT... is transportation cycling a "political" thing?

Personally I think not. The whole environmental thing seems to lean liberal. But at the same time... the conservatives pride themselves on their frugal ways and "conserve" seems to jibe with "conservative"... no?

Reader Marcus pointed me at an article at the "Momentum" website... the Question of the day: "Is conservatism necessarily harmful to progressive cycling policy?" Elly Blue and Lolly Walsh do an interesting point/counterpoint. The article is HERE. (It's too short!)

Marcus recommends the Momentum website; he says it has all sorts of information to help establish and/or maintain a "utilitarian lifestyle." I'll be checking it out.

(Thanks, Marcus!)


Marcus said...

You work fast sir. Thanks for the post.

Mark said...

Why does it matter? I am a scandinavian type socialist. I ride a bike, if you happen to be a tea party member and you ride a bike, that is a good thing too. It's time we celebrate the things we have in common than fight over our differences. Don't you think?

Scott said...

I'd say biking isn't political, but the perception is that cyclists are liberal. I know plenty of conservatives who practice environmentalism, take corporate welfare, belong to unions. I know liberals who cross into perceived conservative domains, too, like gun ownership, religion, the military, etc. I've seen as many McCain stickers on Prii as I have Obama stickers on Escalades.