Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thinkin' GREEN!

Maybe it's because in these parts, even the desert is green right now. But this seems to be the time of year when everybody starts thinkin' green.

The local Toyota dealer is peddling cars by claiming they sell more "green vehicles" than everybody else. You'd think George's Bike Shop would have something to say about that. (But then again, perhaps metallic green is the most popular color in Toyotas right now... and you do not see very many green bicycles.)

The Idaho Green Expo takes place this weekend in Boise. According to the website, it is brought about by a "collaboration with businesses, non-profit groups, concerned individuals and government agencies seeking to promote sustainable products, services and behaviors in Idaho. Among the many volunteers working helping to produce the Expo, you'll find architects, farmers, doctors, builders, restaurateurs, "green" retailers, community activists and publishers. Basically…people like you."

Okay... I admit a bit of cynicism, but I'm guessing most of the movers-n-shakers are in it for a different kind of green... foldin' money! And, I'm guessing that the vast majority of attendees will arrive in their motor vehicles. They'll drive downtown in the SUV (or perhaps the Volvo or Subaru or Prius) and circle the block a few times, looking for a sweet, nearby parking spot. They may end up buying a refillable water bottle to use, instead of the Yuppie Water they've drunk in the past. Perhaps a reusable shopping bag - made of recycled materials. And maybe a bumper sticker to put on the back of the car, proclaiming their "awareness."

Individuals can sign up to be a member of GreenWorks Idaho HERE. It's free (which was a pleasant surprise, frankly), but members need to adhere to the GreenWorks Pledge:

I believe a sustainable community is built on a healthy environment and a strong local economy. Therefore, I support GreenWorks in their efforts and pledge to do my part by continually improving my sustainable living practices and to clearly demonstrate my commitment to the environment.

I pledge to do my part to continually:
- Minimize my use of resources and reduce my ecological footprint in my daily actions
- Support businesses that are equally committed to the environment, and
- Strive to be an example to others of sustainable living practices

Sounds pretty good... on paper. I expect they are mostly interested in your support of "businesses that are committed to the environment."

I'm sorry! I obviously woke up on the cynical side of the bed this morning. Or maybe it was the business-as-usual bumper-to-bumper traffic during the morning commute. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, and please prove me wrong if you can:

For the vast majority of Americans, the single most significant choice they make, when it comes to impact on the environment, is their routine choice of transportation.


Marcus said...

I like the sentiment that to "go green" one must consume and purchase various belongings. To beat fuel prices I will purchase a $23,000 automobile.

Clancy said...

Going Green is the cool thing to do but when you personalize it can be harder to do. Your last statement personalizes "Go Green" lifestyle for an individual and how to make the biggest impact.

Maybe we can put that on a Bumper Sticker. "the single most significant choice YOU make when it comes to the environment, is YOUR routine choice of transportation." ;)