Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth Holidays '11

Earth Hour was on March 26th this year. Did you celebrate? A confession - I TOTALLY missed it - didn't even hear about it until a day or two later. Too many other pressing issues, I guess.

However, I'm not going to let Earth Day get by, the same way! It's April 22 - next Friday. I s'pose government offices and banks will be closed. And if you're REALLY serious about your earth-friendly ways, you can celebrate Earth Week, which runs from April 16-22.

Just in case you've been asleep under a rock for the last 35 years, and are clueless, these "Earth" celebrations are ostensibly an opportunity for self-examination, and renewed resolve to be less harsh on our Mother Planet. Do something meaningful, like maybe a new bumper sticker on the SUV.

Yeah, I confess I'm a little cycnical. And one should NEVER discourage another from adopting more earth-friendly ways. But at the same time, I'll reserve my right to roll my eyes when I see a bunch of "save the earth" type bumper stickers plastered on a car. Maybe Earth Hour and some sloganeering is those folks' level of commitment. Can you say "poseur"?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd say for the vast majority of Americans, the single most significant choice they make, when it comes to impact on the environment, is their routine choice of transportation. And putting a bumper sticker on your Ford Excursion or Hummer, or even your Volvo or Subaru, doesn't make it one bit more earth-friendly.

Here's an Earth Day music suggestion: "Save the Planet" by Edgar Winter's White Trash. (My all-time favorite environmental song!)

Last year's snide commentary - HERE. (With links to the snide commentary from previous years.)


Michael Carpenter said...

Also, mark your calendar for Boise Bike Week, May 15-21.

Bikeboy said...

Thanks, Michael! (I haven't seen a comment from you in awhile... glad to know you still occasionally drop by.)

Yeah, there are enough bike-related goings-on in May that I was thinking I'd post a calendar around the end of this month. (I saw that our Boise Bicycle Project is doing a fundraising treasure hunt, or some such thing, early on. And later Mia Birk - who was one of the Portland movers-and-shakers when they became so bicycle-friendly, is speaking in the area. There are probably others.)

RAC said...

I hate earthday. People need to find a awy to make everyday earth day. This year I noticed that Starbuks gave away free coffee to those who brought their own mug. I bet that just created more traffic from people schlepping through the drive through in their SUVs for the freebie.
It is just window dressing.
I am a born curmudgeon. sorry