Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upcoming Boise-area bicycle events

Here are some that I'm aware of, and hope to join in with. Please let us know of others.

There will be a "Ride and Seek" scavenger hunt on May 14th (Saturday), originating at Veterans' Memorial Park. It's a fundraiser for the Boise Bicycle Project and AmeriCorps. More info HERE.

Boise Bike Week runs from May 15-21. It is "a week promoting bicycling in every form." This is the ninth year; it has become part of the bicycle fabric of Boise. I've participated before, and will participate again. More info HERE. It kicks off with "Family on Bikes," 5/15 (Sunday) at the Egyptian Theater. Nancy Vogel and her family - of Boise! - will tell of their 3-year bicycle adventure from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina. The grand finale is the "Pedal Power Parade" on 5/21 (Saturday), originating at Capitol Park. In between are a bunch of rides, picnics, training sessions, etc. (Looks like it's the biggest and best BBW yet!)

Bike transportation advocates should enjoy a presentation/discussion on May 18 (Wednesday) at 6pm at Boise City Hall. The presentation is by Mia Birk. Ms. Birk was one of the key players over the past 20 years or so, in making Portland one of the most bicycle-friendly cities. She now extends her expertise across the Fruited Plain, with a firm called Alta Planning and Design. More info HERE. (I just read her book, Joyride, and will be commenting on it in the near future.)

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Clancy said...

Boise Bike Project has a showing of a film this evening at 6pm. I can't remember what the name is but the guy builds a bike from all the cool parts by visiting the factories. (Chris King, Brooks etc...)

Also BBP will be sponsoring a series of events called "Pedal for the People" during a 2 week period in the month of June. These events will be organized by individuals but open to all.

Lastly the Vintage Bike Swap will be held on June 5 at the 16th and State Rite Aid.