Sunday, April 10, 2011

Water's risin'

Pretty much every spring in these parts, if the winter snowfall has been normal or higher, we have plenty of water running down the Boise River through town.

They measure the water at Glenwood Bridge; as you can see, the water is high enough that it has rendered the bike/pedestrian underpass pretty much unusable.


We found an alternate route; some punk kid was riding his BMX bike under, turning around, and coming back again, then repeating. He commented that the water was cold.


Marcus said...

Cute kid, I am glad to see she is experiencing life and the city around her instead of the garbage on T.V.

Bikeboy said...

Marc, TV isn't much of a draw for her. I'm a bit concerned because she sees several adult "gamers" in the household and gets the impression most adults pass their leisure time playing computer games. That conflict will be my big challenge as she gets older, I'm afraid.