Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's "fun"? What's "comfortable"?

For some time, we had been planning a long weekend family camping trip, the first weekend of October.

The plans were originally formulated, I'm sure, on a 90-degree summer day. And with everyone anticipating some of that beautiful early fall "Indian summer" weather we usually enjoy this time of year.

A few days before the appointed adventure, the forecast was calling for unseasonably cool weather - in fact, it would probably be getting down below freezing overnight, in the higher-altitude destinations we were considering.

Based on past history, I had a foreboding sense of trouble.

And indeed, the email came, from my bride.

"I was just looking at the weather forcast for here, McCall and Wallowa Lake and it looks as if it will be cold, not just cool. ... I suggest that we plan on staying home."

Even though I understood the futility, I suggested some lower-elevation destinations for consideration.

The reply came, "It's supposed to be fun, not uncomfortable."

Now that really put me to thinking.

And I sent back this bit of "psychobabble," that I sincerely believe... and which has blessed my life.


But both "fun" and "comfort" are perceived individually. Some people have higher "fun thresholds" and "comfort thresholds" than others.

It's good to cultivate and expand those thresholds.

If you can have "fun" doing a wide variety of activities and in a wide variety of situations, you'll be much better off than if you can only have "fun" doing a very select and narrow set of activities. And likewise, if you can be "comfortable" in a wide variety of conditions, you will enjoy a much more comfortable life than if you need 70-72 degrees, and 30% humidity to be comfortable.

(I've previously commented on "comfort" HERE. And on "fun" as it pertains to cycling many times, including HERE.)


Clancy said...

Camping at Bruneau Dunes is great this time of year. Lots to do (dunes and observatory) and a nice campground. Stay in the Wagon Wheel loop(first one).

I spent last weekend "camping" in the Kibbie Dome parking lot. We had a little itty bitty trailer with no heat. Picture of trailer We had a fun time in the old stomping grounds and watched a great game.

dvicci said...

Awesome, and I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on expansion. However, I can't help but wonder what the bride responded with...

Bikeboy said...

Regarding the bride's response... let's just say we ended up staying home, and going on a nice day trip. (It was actually nice - went to the orchards for some fruit, then along the Snake River, and to Cleo's Ferry Museum at Walter's Ferry... EVERYBODY should go to Cleo's at least once before they die!)

She didn't disagree, but there was no apparent interest by anybody at expanding their fun or comfort zones.

Clancy, I'd love to go to Bruneau Dunes... or Celebration Park... or Three Island State Park... or Copperfield up in Hell's Canyon. (A place called Hell's Canyon NEVER gets cold... right? haha) But I live with "fair weather campers." I guess it's an acquired taste, and most of "us" haven't acquired that taste.

db said...

It's too bad about folks and cold-weather camping. A friend and I were up at Stanley Lake two weeks ago, without our wives. Cold nights and beautiful days. I'm looking at getting up there again before November.

Bikeboy said...

Ah... Stanley Lake is surely one of the beautiful corners of the world.

The crowds sure drop off up in that country, once summer wanes. Criminy! I've camped there in the SUMMER TIME, when I woke up in the morning and chipped my contact lenses out of ice before installing them. (Of course, that was back before Global Warming, too!)