Saturday, October 3, 2009

Old Friend

My recently stolen Cannondale T2000 was like an old friend. I can't absolutely say it was my all-time favorite bike, but it was/is in the running for that title.

From the first day I rode it - in November 2001 - until the day it was stolen - September 27, 2009 - I accumulated 44,482 miles on it. I can confidently say that's more miles than most bikes ever roll.

After so much faithful service, it deserved to eventually be "put out to pasture," like the bikes that preceded it. I've got two road bikes hanging - in various stages of incompleteness - in the garage. I really should press one of 'em back into service.


Scott said...

Although I do not have nearly as many miles on my bike as you, and I'm not yet ready to make the car-free plunge, I can imagine the sense of loss you must be feeling. I grieve for you.

bob t said...

Your fellow cyclists understand that it was more than "just a bike".