Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rollin' up the Zeros!

Yesterday, October 27, I hit 400 miles for October. No big deal; I've ridden at least that far every month this year.

Today, October 28, I hit 5000 miles for the calendar year. A little bigger deal. (2009 is the 17th year I've ridden at least 5000 miles... and the 7th consecutive year.)

Yesterday I also hit 130,000 cumulative miles, since I started keeping track in 1986. I s'pose that makes me either "fairly unique" or "freakish," depending on point of view. I've sure enjoyed most of those miles!

When I rolled over 100,000 miles back on September 1, 2004, I speculated on whether I'd ever hit 200,000. It seemed a LONG way off. Still does, but not quite so far now. Maybe I can do this thing, if I stay healthy and exercise due care.


Clancy said...

Were the 400 miles on the clunker? When do we get to see the shiny new bike?

Bikeboy said...

Indeed, Clancy... my last 450+ miles have been on the clunker.

I'm wondering myself when the shiny new bike will show. I've got a call in to them. (It was supposed to be "around the end of the month." We're not going to get a whole lot closer.)

scott said...

Congrats! All major milestones. If you were a car, you'd probably be in the clunker department now, but I'm guessing you're doing better under the hood than most of your model year.