Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What-colored glasses?

Over the winter I bought a pair of "amber" (yellow) colored glasses, after having temporarily misplaced my clear ones that I use for riding in the dark. They were actually designed for shooting sports, but the price - $10 - was right. I got 'em at a local sporting goods store.

I found I quite liked them. Even when it was quite dark, there was something about that yellow tint that seemed, uh, um... "cheery." Yeah, that's the ticket. The clear ones were relocated - actually they're cheap safety glasses, and I found 'em on my table saw. (Go figure.) But I kept wearing the yellow ones.

This week, it's been light enough that in the mornings (at 7:45 or so) in these parts, I could see fine with the regular sunglasses. In fact, the sun comes over the hills when I'm about halfway to the office. I prefer a neutral gray shading, in my daytime sunglasses. Reality is beautiful!

On March 8th, I'll get to wear the yellow ones again in the mornings, for a few weeks, when we go to EARLY daylight savings time.

If I were in charge we'd have year-round DST. We need it more in the winter, than in the summer. In the dead of winter, us 8-to-5ers spend every daylight hour at work! If it hadn't been Ben Franklin who first suggested it, I'd say, "Who's the idiot who thought up Daylight Saving Time?"


Anonymous said...

I wear prescription glasses and find that they work well enough to protect my eyes down to about 25 degrees. At temperatures below that I use lab safety goggles to keep the cold wind out of my eyes and prevent tearing.

Bikeboy said...

bob t - I used to wear glasses / contacts, but 3 years or so ago I opted for the LASIK thing. Gave up my "near" vision for "far" vision. Eye protection was absolutely critical when I wore (rigid) contacts - a tiny speck of dust felt like a boulder in my eye! And I can identify with the cold/wind; for me, eye wear of some kind is as critical as a brain bucket.