Friday, February 20, 2009

Alternative Transportation

Here's an interesting concept vehicle that incorporates pedal power.

It seems like it would be a very popular alternative to a commuter van, or maybe even a city bus.

Of course, somebody would need to be the designated driver. And if there were a jovial fraulein to keep the brewskis comin', it would likely have a positive impact on average speed.

(There is a little-used railroad line between Boise and the bedroom communities to the west. Perhaps this thing could be retrofitted to run on tracks. Leave Boise at 4pm with a full keg; arrive in Nampa by 5:30, keg dry and passengers feelin' no pain!)


Anonymous said...

Too bad that this would probably be illegal in this country due to open container laws, etc.

Something like this offering tours downtown would be quite enjoyable!

db said...

Bob's right about the tours.

Those things are very popular with the tourists in Amsterdam. Great way to see the city, from what we were told.