Friday, January 2, 2009

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

(Hat tip to Mark Twain, for the title.)

I finished the year with 5433 miles. (Dang! I tried to use strategery to hit exactly 5432 miles, but was slightly off.)

Accumulated on 321 riding days. (The doctor ordered me off the bicycle for 35 days in March/April. I spent 10 days in September, out of town ridin' the motorsickle. Those aren't excuses; they're reasons. And... that accounts for every day of the year, including the bonus "leap" day we got in ought-eight.)

I finished December with 322 miles, accumulated on 31 riding days. (Which I thought was pretty cool, considering it was Boise's second-snowiest December on record, with 20+ inches.)

I expect not to miss any ought-nine days due to doctor's orders. But if I still have a little gas money, I'll probably head out of town on the motorsickle again this year, for a few days.

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db said...

That's an amazing amount of mileage. I racked up 2,600 miles in all types of riding: commuting, road biking, and mountain biking.

Looking forward to beating that by 1,000 more miles in 2009. Thanks for such an encouraging blog.