Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bike path maintenance

My brain-bucket is off to those who are in charge of maintaining the bike/pedestrian paths - particularly the Greenbelt - in Boise.

Compared with, say, 5 years ago, they do a fantastic job of quickly getting the snow and mush cleared away. Perhaps it's because they've come to recognize that it is not only a recreational path, but also a significant commuter path.

Snapped on Jan. 7, near "Quinn's Pond" (click on the photos for a bigger view):

By contrast, here's what the Greenbelt looks like just across the river, in Garden City:

Garden City is proudly ANTI-BIKE. But it should be noted that there are a lot of bicycle and foot tracks along that untended stretch of path. It gets a lot of use, just not much care.

(For those who aren't familiar... Garden City is to Boise what East St. Louis is to St. Louis, or what The Bronx is to Manhattan, or what Shelbyville is to Springfield.)


db said...

Yeah, there is a big difference between Boise and GC in terms of greenbelt maintenance. It's really too bad that Garden City can't see the value of the greenbelt.

Clancy said...

My officemate hasnt' been lying to me. I figured the whole Greenbelt had been plowed. I think Boise should use eminent domain over GC and take their Greenbelt portion(dreaming)

Anonymous said...

You're a genius. From now on, I'm permanently replacing "Garden City" with "Shelbyville" in my lexicon.

Anonymous said...

I thought Garden City was where all the "rich snobs" lived who have Butch Otter, Larry Wasden, and the rest of the Land Board in their back pocket. Now, it's Shelbyville. Which one is it guys? You can't have it every which way.

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!