Thursday, January 22, 2009

Idaho Bike/Pedestrian Mobility Survey

The Idaho Transportation Department is requesting that state residents complete an online survey, which will ostensibly used for future alt-transportation planning.

"Few, if any, of our individual visions for bicycle and pedestrian mobility would match identically. We need to find the commonality that exists among us and craft the best possible vision for Idaho."

My "individual vision" for how limited funds should be spent (from an urban transportation cyclist's viewpoint):

My pet peeve is yokels on bikes who endanger me and themselves as they come nonchalantly riding up the wrong side of the road. Cops seem content to totally ignore 'em. (Not only does it seem that way; their stated position is, "Bicycle violations are not a priority for the department.")

Frankly, I see little need for huge infrastructure expenditures. I s'pose a casual or novice or semi-competent rider might appreciate a bike lane, but once you get in the groove, you just go where the rest of the traffic is going.

I don't know who authored the survey. It's not really nuts-n-bolts... it seems more oriented toward road administration, and how bicyclists can communicate with administrators. And... I can't imagine that bike-pedestrian issues will be a priority for the 2009 Legislature, who are grappling with huge revenue losses. (Just squeeze those taxpayers harder... they'll keep bleedin'...)

The survey can be found HERE. It has to be taken by January 31.

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Clancy said...

I did the survey but I thought the last half was fairly subjective. Which means it will be hard to gather any meaningful trends as everyone has their own priorities. I don't see ITD catering to each on every one.