Monday, December 8, 2008


Here in Boise, we're fortunate to only have maybe 2 or 3 weeks' worth of days each year when peoples' jaws drop as they ask, "You rode your bicycle - today?!?"

The "morning ride" was borderline. Fat, wet snowflakes coming down steady, and starting to accumulate. Temperatures near freezing.

Other than the snow that accumulated on my shoes and britches as I rode, no problems. Traction was fine and traffic was mercifully light and slow-moving.

By contrast, we have 100 or more days every year when the weather is so nice I want to ask people, "You're driving your car - today?!?"


Anonymous said...

What a great ride this morning! I got on my mountain bike at 0620 and rode work through the snow and slush. I loved every minute of it. The guys at work just shake their heads and laugh. I remind them that people like to ski, and snowboard in the stuff, why not ride a bike to work in it?

db said...

I would've enjoyed the ride, too, if I hadn't blown out my rear tire. Changing the rear tire in the dark with snow coming down out cold, wet hands is a challenge!

Not only did the tube die (loudly), but when I got to work I noticed a rip in the tire itself (thanks to the tube trying to bubble through it). Gonna try to boot it with a section of the old tube and some duct tape, see if I can get 'er home.

And yeah, I got the co-worker reaction too. Might've been the quarter-inch of snow that collected on my handlebar bag...

Bikeboy said...

Oh, man - fixing flats in dark/wet is the WORST! (That's about the only time that I feel a bit of car-envy simmering.)

Riding a bicycle in a couple inches of fresh snow is VERY much like skiing in fresh powder. A bit of "resistance" that normally isn't there, and eerie silence. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I leave for work at 9am and it was pretty much over by then.

Those who participate in winter recreational activities (like those Mark mentioned) are much more exposed to the elements than those of us who commute in the valley. I've never really understood why WE are considered the crazy ones.

Clancy said...

I have to remind a coworker that skiing at Bogus can be colder. I like the colder temps as I feel refreshed and awake. I got some new fenders this fall and they work great on the slush. I recommend the Planet Bike Cascadia fender.

Michael Carpenter said...

I must have hit a break in the storm. I left home (west Boise) about 6:30 and there was a little snow on my driveway, but no where else that I noticed. I only got a few raindrops and a couple of snowflakes before I got to work.

Then, an hour later it was snowing!

Lucky me, I guess.

Bikeboy said...

I've got permanently-mounted Planet Bike "Freddy" Fenders (I believe) on my touring bike - my year 'round ride. They are NICE! (The only thing I don't like about fenders is... it's more difficult to "eyeball" your rear tire for potential problems.)

We've still got a half-inch of snow in the shady spots at my house. And this morning, I'm still dodging black ice in a couple of spots that are shady during the day. I believe the amount varied widely, from place to place.