Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cost of Driving

We got the memo yesterday... for the first time in (my) memory, the reimbursement rate for use of personal cars on company business is dropping!

From 58.5¢ per mile to 55¢ per mile, starting January 1.

Dang it!

That means in 2009, I'll only be saving about 51¢ per mile by riding my bicycle, rather than the current 54.5¢!

(Estimates only - your cost-of-riding may vary. I figure about 4 cents, but even if it were 10 cents, I'd still be saving a WAD of money!)


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see if there will be any changes at my company next year as a result of the bicycle commuter act.

Bikeboy said...

Good point, bob t! I'm wondering that same thing.

My company has been subsidizing single-occupant motor vehicle parking for years, on account of the tax breaks. (The company leases parking spaces at $64/month, and charges employees $20/month.) Which seems counterproductive to reducing congestion, pollution, blacktop, etc., etc.

Clancy said...

For companies with free parking, I would not expect much. But it makes lots of sense for those companies subsidizing employees parking. I may have to lobby for some benefits.