Thursday, July 31, 2008

What got into me?

A personal milestone of sorts. In July I rode 703 miles on 31 days. 100% bike transportation to and from work. Upon checking, I was somewhat surprised to find out it was my first 700+ mile calendar month since July 1996! I rode at least 20 miles on 23 days in July, including my glorious 50-mile Independence Ride on July 4th.

Probably 100 of those miles were pulling the Bob trailer for various duties, the most enjoyable being hauling my granddaughter around.

Puts me at 3039 miles for the year, 122,627 since I started keeping track back in '86.


db said...

Ay-chihuahua, Bikeboy, that's fantastic. I rode about 350 for July, and I was happy with THAT.

You must be doping.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bikeboy. Commuting daily my estimate for July is about 200 miles.

Anonymous said...

I only got 150 in July. The 3 week vacation hurt my total, but it was still good for the soul.