Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Ride 2008

Back in March, when I was stoved up for a few days, I dreamt of riding a big circle around Boise. And planned out such a ride, using the Google Earth.

I'm happy to report:
- I seem to be securely back at 100% (or as close as I'm going to get, for a middle-age fat guy)
- I completed the circle, and a bit more, this morning - INDEPENDENCE DAY.

What better way to celebrate Independence Day, than on a meaningful bike ride of some kind? I declare my independence from the established mode of transportation (motor vehicle). More importantly, I declare my independence from "big oil," and from terrorists states that have us over the proverbial [oil] barrel.


The Route:

080704 tour de boise

(Click on ANY of these images for additional/larger viewing options. If you have Google Earth, you can see it in turn-by-turn detail by clicking HERE.)

It's just under 42 miles, and I figure it encloses probably 90% or more of the official Boise City Limits. (I clicked over 50 miles, getting from home to the starting point, and then back home again from that same point.)

The biggest traffic issues were large groups of lycra-clad yuppies, riding their "toy" bicycles on the Greenbelt toward Lucky Peak. (In other words, NO traffic problems!)

Temperatures were tolerable (70-85, I'd say, during the ride). The air was very hazy... I'd guess "yellow" air quality. Must be some new fires.

Sights along the way:









Apertome said...

Man. That sure looks like a great ride. I'm in the same position now that you were in back in March: off the bike. Hit & run while on vacation. Ugh! Anyway it's great to read about your ride and look forward to really riding again myself (hopefully tomorrow!)

db said...

Ouch, read about your accident, Apertome. Hope you're back to normal soon.

Bikeboy said...

Wow! Apertome - too bad! A hit-and run. That would be a felony in Idaho - any "leaving the scene of an accident." And particularly loathsome, since it's your "signaling finger" that got bruised up! (hahahaha! Sorry - maybe it only hurts when you laugh!)

I check your blog regularly; your photos are always gratifying. I'll be interested to see what you get for a replacement camera. I just use one of the little Panasonic Altoids-size cameras because it's easy to carry with me at all times and I like the wide-angle (28mm equivalent) lens. Some of the little Canon pocket cameras have that feature nowadays, and apparently the new little Nikon Altoids-camera has it, too.