Thursday, July 10, 2008

Make a Statement!

Mamma mia!

My readers who drive Ferraris are probably already aware of this... but just in case.

Colnago has released a 2008 "Ferrari 60th Anniversary Limited Edition" bicycle that looks top-of-the-line in every way. If you haven't spent your Economic Stimulus windfall, this might be the way to go.

Description: "Colnago presents the Ferrari 60th Anniversary Limited Edition model. The gorgeous, Italian-made carbon frame features triple-butted, oversized tubing paired with reinforcing ribs on the tube interior for stiffness with comfort at the same time. A CNC-machined titanium bottom bracket and Colnago's oversized chainstays deliver the brutal efficiency and speed of a red-lined Enzo. Emblazoned with the Ferrari stallion, the heritage is unmistakable. And of course, the full Campy Record gruppo adorns this rolling tribute. Plus, you get FSA's impressive Plasma bar/stem combo and the whole bike floats along the road on custom painted Lightweight carbon wheels."

Just the thing for posing on the Greenbelt! You can get a lycra Ferrari jersey, too!

I poked some good-natured fun at the Lamborghini bicycle a few months back. ($250 at Of course, Clancy pointed out that entrepeneurs can license a name, and come out with a Lamborghini bicycle, or Edsel, or John Deere. Whatever. But this "Ferrari" model looks more legit.)


You'd have to ask. And by asking, you've already proven you can't afford it.

$14,999. (And they're only making 60 of 'em, so hurry and get your name on the list!)


db said...

15 grand and it only comes in red? Forget it.

I do enjoy Colnago's broken-English description though. (Yes, I realize that my Italian would be even worse.)

Anonymous said...

I think you could still pull off a mid-life crisis on this thing. Leather Ferrari jacket holding in the gut, gold chains, toupee flapping under your helmet. Jailbait would totally go for that.

Bikeboy said...

Would the leather jacket be black, or red? I s'pose you'd be hummin' that catchy "Viva Viagra" tune as you rode along, too!

gail said...

hi bike nazi,
i have been reading your blog for over a month now and i have a question. i used to ride my bike to work way back when i was a teenager, and early in my marriage i rode for pleasure. now being an overweight, old married woman i am seeking to get back on the saddle and ride again. if nothing else the exercise will do me good. (we are moving to boise in 2 weeks) anyway, what's a good bike for a woman, someone who has extra weight, and wants to ride both in town and on the greenbelt?

i'd love to hear some suggestions and also local places to buy. and is buying used a good deal?

thanks much, gail