Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mamma Mia! Lamborghini exotica!

If you've even been an automotive enthusiast, the name Lamborghini is sure to conjure up vivid mental images. The Italian company builds high-strung ultra-performance sports cars that most of us will only dream about.

Yeah... I'd buy one, but I can't afford the tickets!!! (hahahaha)

I actually sat - for a couple minutes - behind the wheel of a Countach like the one pictured here, at a dealer in San Diego many years ago. It was no easy task to wedge myself in there. (They were pretty kind to accommodate a country hick who obviously wasn't in the market. It's not like I parked my Turbo Carrera out front... know what I mean?)

So, I was intrigued when I happened across a Lamborghini road bike - at, of all places. And it's painted in Italian Blood Red! Sweeeeeet!

You'd expect such a bike to show all the signs of fine Italian craftsmanship - exotic Columbus tubing, investment-cast lugs, flawless welds, maybe with a Campagnolo Record carbon gruppo. And a price tag to match.

SURPRISE! It's got Shimano components, and a kick-stand! And it can be had for $250! (Yep! I didn't leave off a zero or two! Misprint?) I imagine it's from China, and probably weighs 30+ pounds. But still... it would sure impress people on the Greenbelt, huh?


Anonymous said...

lots of those kind out there.
Cadillac, Dodge-Viper, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Humme, Jeep

Bikeboy said...

Too funny, Clancy!

I s'pose Dirty Harry rides the Smith & Wesson bike, in .44 magnum.

(I remember a few years ago you could buy Harley-Davidson cigarettes. They offer a cruiser-style bicycle, too, with "gas tank," every now and then.)