Friday, April 25, 2008

Celebrity Champion of the Environment

What do you do to minimize your impact on the environment? I mean on a personal level.

We're all aware that Algore's main contribution is to "raise awareness." And I've made the point before - a valid point, I believe - that he's a poor choice for Pope of the Enviromental Movement, since he does so little outside of showing his PowerPoint and hawking his DVDs. But I s'pose he's a nice match for the people whose level of commitment is to observe "Earth Hour," or drive a sedan instead of an SUV.

Well, guess what?

A new celebrity champion may be emerging. He's much more charismatic and well-known than Algore could ever hope to be. The characters he has portrayed in movies are known the world over.

I'm talking about Harrison Ford. Yep - Indiana Jones.

And he's apparently WAY more committed to the movement than Algore. For you see... he got his chest waxed for the environment! (As Dave Barry would say, "I am not making this up!" Story HERE.)

Yep, as vice chair of Conservation International, he got his chest waxed "to showcase the pain involved in deforestation."

Wow that's committed! (And kind of a stretch... he's obviously either got a vivid imagination, or dementia is setting in.)

And then, of course, he jetted off to Brazil (in the private jet he owns and operates) to check the condition of the rainforest. (I am making that up. The part about his itinerary... not the part about the jet. He has a bunch of planes, and a helicopter, too!)

(An aside... my bride lost faith in Mr. Ford when he got his earring. She's got this thing about geezers with earrings...)

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