Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bicycle As Art Form

Now and then I see a road-going bicycle that just looks too beautiful to actually ride. More like something you'd want to hang over your fireplace. Usually they are Italian, brightly-painted, and look fast even when they're standing still.

But there are other bikes that were designed to be looked at, rather than ridden.

I happened across some awesome "show bikes" on IowaHawk's photo-blog... check these out. They are definitely designed to be looked at, rather than ridden. (If I'm interpreting correctly, the photos were snapped by Mr. Hawk at the Detroit Auto Show. Check out his blog sometime... he writes some awesome stuff!)

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Bikeboy said...

Kijar keeps posting links to dangerous websites. Very un-neighborly.

Please stay away from my blog, okay kijar? Thanks.