Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paradigm Shift

Sorry to use that worn-out "company meeting" title... at least I didn't use "thinking outside the box."

On Thursday - a 90-plus degree day - I counted fully 36 bicycles in the racks outside the office. Even Captain America is riding his bike... how patriotic is that?!? It's phenomenal! As recently as a year ago, a banner bicycle day would've been half that many.

Realize that 36 bicycles represent 36 fewer motor vehicles on the road, no matter how you count it.

Surely a large part of the motivation is $4 gas. And time will tell if gas will ever be less than it is now, in a meaningful way. But regardless of future fuel prices, some of those 36 riders are likely to catch the vision. They will say, "Wow! I've really been missing out all these years, by driving my car." They'll appreciate feeling invigorated as they arrive at their destination, and will realize what a blessing it is to not deal with traffic jams, gas stations, parking. And they'll be reluctant to return to that world they've abandoned.


Clancy said...

Now you have bargaining power.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that photo could have been taken in Holland!

Bikeboy with all those bikes are you able to park in you accustomed place or do you care?