Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wake-up Call

Our local newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, had a fine editorial in yesterday's "Earth Day" edition.

Keep an eye out for bikes, scooters and motorcycles

"If the ideals of Earth Day aren't enough to inspire alternative commuting, then the lofty price of gas certainly might. We can all expect to see more scooter operators, motorcyclists and bicyclists in our future. That means four-wheeled and two-wheeled commuters need to keep an eye out for each other."

Click HERE to link to the editorial on the Statesman website.

Speaking of "Earth Day," I noticed Danielo is promoting the upcoming Earth Minute (on June 28), for people who are too busy to celebrate Earth Day or Earth Hour in a meaningful way. (Nice work, Danielo!)

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Jon said...

I cannot understand why we aren't being bombarded with media ads about motorcycle and scooter MPG ratings. And why is Bob's the only cycle shop in the valley smart enough to advertise "are you tired of high gas prices?"...... The local biz owners need to get on the stick, they are missing the boat!