Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catching On?

This is the time of year when you expect to see coverage of "bicycling" topics in the media. After all, the days are getting longer and warmer, the trails are drying up, and bicycles are coming off the hooks in the garage.

Traditionally, however, the stories are all about "bikes as toys." Places to find good mountain-bike trails, or Sunday fun on the Greenbelt, or an upcoming bike race, or the like.

But as $4 gas is forecast, "bikes as transportation" seem to be getting some well-deserved attention.

The website for our local paper has organized their bike stories into a catch-all - click HERE to check it out. You might even want to make it a "favorite" - I plan on checking back regularly to see if there's some good content.

Us dedicated, 5-days-a-week, year-round bicycle commuters tend to look down our nose at people who are more casual about their riding. But that is wrong - ANY use of bikes-as-transportation is better than dedicated single-occupant-vehicle.

There's a guy at my office who rides his HUGE recumbent bike (I call it the "lawn chair bike") maybe 5 times a year, when conditions are absolutely ideal. That's cool.

A good friend rides his bike every Tuesday and Thursday. That's WAY cool.

They just added another bike rack at my office, in anticipation of more bike traffic. That is AWESOMELY cool! (Imagine if they were deliberating about adding more BIKE lanes to deal with the heavy traffic, as opposed to slappin' down more asphalt along I-84, or "eminent domaining" 20 feet of peoples' front yards to add another CAR lane!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great link! It is nice to see the attention growing. You are right -- it would serve me well to let go of the resentment I feel about "fair weather" cyclists. Given my growing age and cynicism, I don't hope for much improvement, but I'll try!

Clancy said...

I did a double take this morning when somebody else rode to the office. 2 out 5 is not bad.

Clancy said...

Here is my commute. Helmet camera mounted to my handle bars. A coworker' s car I passed 4 or 5 times.

Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bike section in yesterday's paper.

Regarding cyclists of any stripe I say "the more the merrier" (as long as they follow the rules of the road).

Cutlerite said...

The bike racks at BSU were full today. I will try and submit a picture sometime. As always thanks for writing!