Monday, March 24, 2008

Watching from the sidelines

Dear friends:

Due to a recent minor surgery, I'm temporarily stoved up. DOCTOR'S ORDERS - no bike riding for 4-6 weeks. OUCH! (That hurts way more than the incision, which is healing up nicely at this point. That incision is where body meets bike-saddle; I'll not go into more detail than that.)

In the meantime, I'm riding the city bus, and gazing jealously at people on their bikes.

I'm grateful for my overall excellent health. I attribute that good health at least partially to my regular bicycling.

"You don't quit riding a bike because you get old; you get old because you quit riding a bike."
(You can quote me on that.)

I had surgery to fix a chronic but non-malignant condition, and I've been contemplating it for years. I would've preferred getting it done in January or February, but I couldn't get started without my doctor, and he was available in March. In any case, it's now a waiting game. I anticipate accumulating some miles in April, and quickly getting back to full speed.

(My doctor is sympathetic - he knows how much I enjoy, and rely on, cycling, since I come to all my routine checkups - at the St. Lukes Meridian complex - on bicycle. But not for now... "do-over" is NOT an option!)


Anonymous said...

Have missed your regular postings...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Apertome said...

I'm sorry to hear about your surgery ... I was wondering what was up since you usually post very frequently. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery so you can be back in the saddle soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well and for a fast recovery. We will expect you to make up your mileage at a later date.:)

db said...

I wish you a speedy recovery as well. I'm fighting off less severe but still problematic health issues myself, so I sympathize with you. Take care of yourself.

Bikeboy said...

You are all so very kind - thanks!

(It's funny... when I think about it, most of the ideas for BikeNazi postings seem to distill when I'm riding. Bicycle-time is great thinking-time - while simultaneously practicing defensive and legal techniques, of course.)