Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February bicycling report

I managed to accumulate 433 miles in February, riding on 29 days.

The trend-line was positive - the riding was MUCH better on 2/29 than it was on 2/1. (All that nasty frozen slush, etc., seems a distant memory already!)

My best day for the month was 30+ miles. I did a "lunch time" ride out around Barber Park - in shorts! And then that same evening I rode down to Garden City Hall to make my feelings known about their closing the Greenbelt to cyclists.

March is looking promising... I always appreciate the click over to Daylight Savings Time. (I wish DST went all year!)


Anonymous said...

What a difference a month makes! Hopefully winter is well and truly over (although I did see a few snowflakes this morning).

If this keeps up we should soon start seeing more "fair-weather" cyclists.

Anonymous said...

Bob I saw those flakes also.
This cartoon mimics the commute this morining. http://tinyurl.com/2r9qwn from http://www.yehudamoon.com

Bikeboy as always nice job in racking up the miles

Bikeboy said...

bob t...

there were probably a dozen bikes parked in the rack at my office today... that's MID-SUMMER level! Amazing!

What could it be? Gas prices? Everything-else prices? People who are seeing the light?

My first tendency is to feel a bit of scorn for the fair-weather cyclists. But the reality is - most people are NOT going to ride year-round in a place like Boise unless the alternatives are painful. Besides, being a fair-weather cyclist is a good place to be. MUCH better than single-occupant-vehicle 24/7/365.

clancy... are those yehudamoon cartoons exclusively about bike commuting? I've enjoyed those! (Regarding today's... it's only "too early" to start, if you stopped!)

Anonymous said...

They are all about a bike shop and commuting. The one today is pretty funny.

db said...

When the snow started on Tuesday, I was already at work. The ride home was nice, though. Hope this weather keeps up for the week.