Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Earth Day too much?
How about Earth Hour?

I intend to write about Earth Day next month (4/22 is officially the day). But I saw an article (click HERE to link to it) about the new Earth Hour celebration.

Earth Hour originated in Sydney, Australia, last year. For one hour on March 31, 2007 (8pm to 9pm), the lights went dark in that City Down Under. At least the lights on the famous bridge and opera house. (It's hard to say whether it would've been noticed from the International Space Station or not.)

Apparently the idea has really caught on! It's become what you might call "a movement"!!

The article says Trail, BC (north of Spokane, WA, and just north of the US/Canada border) is officially going to join the movement. Trail has a population of 7320, so it won't have the impact of a Sydney, but hey - every little bit helps.

Lots of folks like to wring their hands about Global Warming and the environment and such, but seem unwilling to do anything, lifestyle-wise, on a personal level, about it. You know, like recycle, or limit their vehicle trips, or turn down the heat. Earth Hour might be PERFECT for them!

Referring back to the article... Nelly Furtado, "Canada's First Ambassador for Earth Hour," is doing a celebration concert in Toronto. ("Unplugged" - DUH!)

Ms. Furtado will probably be illuminated using candles, or lanterns, or something non-electrical. And if it's an "unplugged" concert, I picture acoustic guitars. (But - does she realize that unless she has electric-powered sound reinforcement, only about 3 rows of people will hear her sweet celebratory sounds?)

Participating should be easy in Trail, or in Boise, Idaho. Consider... when it's 8pm in Sydney, it's 3am in Boise, and probably 2am in Trail. Criminey - my lights are off at 3am anyway!

JOIN ME IN CELEBRATION OF EARTH HOUR! 3am, Monday, March 31. (Check your local time zone.) And wear a jacket the next day - April 1st. It's sure to be noticeably cooler! (Don't say I didn't warn you...)

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Bikeboy said...

I'd like to thank everybody who participated in Earth Hour with me! Based on casual observation, it was an astounding success! (It was 29 degrees in Boise this morning, well below average.)