Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why the Long Face?

Why isn't this gal smiling?

Anybody who rides a bike should SMILE! (After an hour in the saddle, my face hurts from smiling so much!)

Even when I was a kid, I wondered how Miss Gulch could look so con-founded ANGRY!

I figure in her case, it's gotta be one of three things:

1) She's still smarting from the bite allegedly inflicted on her by that naughty little dog Toto,


2) She can see that Kansas Tornado off in the distance, and is concentrating on figuring out an alternate route,


.... 3) Her saddle fits poorly. Yeah - that's the ticket! Her saddle is rubbin' her wrong!


Anonymous said...

She hadn't had her morning coffee yet. ;-)

db said...

Having grown up and ridden in Kansas, I can say that if she's riding east to west, there's a good reason for that frown.