Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's usually still dark when I go to work these days, but the afternoons are getting longer.

Which sometimes leads to spectacular sunsets. (I keep the shades handy, because my route homeward is in the general direction of the setting sun.)

I took a little detour the other afternoon, and rode past Boise's "tank farm." It was built during a bygone era when it was beyond the edge of town. Nowadays it's surrounded by city on every side, with a junior high school next door and a hospital a block or so away.

It's not a place you'd take the out-of-towners to see "Beautiful Boise," but it looked nice with the sun setting beyond.

0801 Sunset on the Tank Farm

Click here for a larger (1024x768) view.


db said...

Titled "Sunset on the Petroleum Age"?

Anonymous said...

Good title DB.