Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Month/Year End Report

Considering the less-than-ideal conditions I encountered last month, I had a good December... and a good end to a good year, bicycling-wise.

397 miles accumulated on 31 days... ZERO accidents! (That accident statistic is more meaningful when slick roads are in the mix.)

Which put me at 6182 miles for 2007, accumulated on 356 days. (And coincidentally, I was out of town for 11 days. But I rode on the day I left town, and on the day I got back.) That's my best calendar-year mileage since 1996, so I have to figure it's unlikely I'll match it in '08, even with the bonus leap-year day. But 'cha never know.



db said...

Hey, 400 miles in December with no accidents is a great accomplishment. I rode half that, and there were mishaps.

Happy new year, all.

Bikeboy said...

db... I'll admit some SERIOUS CAUTION when I'm riding on the slippery stuff! (I'm no spring chicken anymore, and when I bounce off the pavement, it takes too long for the black and blue and the pain to go away. Better to avoid it altogether. Maybe it would be different if I lived in Hailey, and could me some of that therapy cannabis. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry I will never match your awesome effort