Friday, January 4, 2008

My Granddaughter

Please indulge me in some personal boastfulness. My perfect-in-every-way granddaughter is 1 year old today.

(Photo was taken on Thanksgiving Day.)

Mackenzie (or "Baby Mac," as she is fondly called in these parts) was ambulatory from early-on.

She was walking at about 10 months... I take full credit. I spent hours leaning over, as she reached up and grasped my index fingers firmly in her tiny hands and we made the rounds.

She is practically running now... it's amusing and terrifying to watch her haphazard recklessness. (I guess that's why most babies are supplied with parents and grandparents.)

I can hardly wait 'til she's old enough to get on the 2-wheeler. Maybe by this summer...

(She's enjoyed going with me on trailer-bike rides since she was about 4 months old.)


Anonymous said...


Have you noticed other road users taking more care in passing safely when you take your granddaughter on trailer bike rides?

Today's winter bicycle challenge: Wind!

Bikeboy said...

Oh, bob t, you are RIGHT ON in your observations! When I'm pullin' that baby-trailer, the SUVs and pickups give me a respectable space-cushion, rather than zooming by at my elbow. You'd almost think I had one of those "Baby on Board!" warning signs dangling.

I s'pose it's reasonable that a baby's life is of so much more value than an adult's life.

(Oh - right about the wind, too! I was trying to get somebody - anybody - to agree to pick me up in Ontario, OR in a couple hours and bring me home. No takers.)