Friday, July 13, 2007


Wow! It felt like 80 degrees already, as I made my way to the office! It's spoze to get up to 105... could be the hottest day of the year. (Combine the heat with the NASTY air pollution, wavering between yellow-alert and orange-alert - is this a little what Hell - or Los Angeles - is like? All we need now is brimstone.)

On a day like this, perhaps it would do the soul some good to fondly remember a much different moment from the past...

040107 - winter commute

Of course... on that particular day, I was likely thinking fondly of hot fun in the summertime. We're so fickle!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that great flashback, BB! I do miss riding in the snow (bright winter nights remain my favorite time to ride), but I don't mind the heat. Every kind of weather is the best kind, when you're moving. It's only when you stop moving that the heat or cold seems overwhelming. But as long as the cranks turning and the wheels are spinning, all is well in bike-rider-land.

Anonymous said...

Bikeboy- that is so cruel! I will imagine that pic on the ride home to see if it helps.

With heat I have found, as long you can overcome it in your mind, then you body will usually follow along like a puppy.

Bikeboy said...

Thanks, friends! Good observations.

About that "moving" thing, Danielo... I take it nice and easy when I'm riding home, so the radiator won't start whistling (hahaha)... but it's almost scary when I get home. I step into that cool house, and the water just starts POURING off of me! (Or it becomes noticeable, when suddenly it's not all evaporating.)

Clancy: "Zen and the art of heat maintenance."

We've discussed it before... perspective is important, too. When you're accustomed to riding in 100-degree heat, it's not nearly so painful. And 90 degrees is a cakewalk! (But not for those poor slobs who try to spend 24/7 in airconditioned comfort. They're HURTIN'!)